Are Prom Dresses Too Sexy?

February 26th, 2017



In May 2014, a 17-year old girl in Richmond, Virginia was kicked out of her prom. Parents claimed her dress was too short and her dancing was too provocative and would lead to boys thinking impure thoughts. But the girl’s dress shouldn’t have been a problem—it was longer than her fingertips, per the school’s rules. 


So how is it that even though she was wearing attire considered appropriate by school dress code standards, she was kicked out of her own prom? And why should she be held responsible for whatever the boys are thinking?


It’s unfair that many schools still put the burden on girls to cover up to instead of holding boys to a higher standard of respecting their female classmates. But in your search for the perfect prom dress, you should still abide by dress code regulations—however arbitrary, unjust, or outdated they may seem. 


Before you start shopping, make sure you know your school’s dress code policy for prom. Nothing’s worse than falling in love with a gown only to realize it’s against the rules! Keep in mind that policies vary by school, so just because your best friend’s school has a more lenient code doesn’t mean your school won’t have stricter regulations.


So how do you play by the rules when you want to look hot? Try these tricks when you go shopping.


Go for skim, not skin.

You don’t have to expose your shape to show it off; many long prom dresses naturally define your figure. Look for an evening dress or mermaid prom dress with a slim, body-skimming silhouette. If a full skirt is more your style, shop for A-line prom dresses. You’ll get a similar look to a ball gown without all the body-obscuring volume.


Color inside the lines.

The style of your dress isn’t the only thing that can be sexy. Bold colors can also add drama. Red prom dresses 

are always hot, and classic black makes a sophisticated statement. Want to look more flirty than fierce? Fuchsia and powder pink prom dresses deliver irresistible girlish charm.

Embrace bling.

Never underestimate the power of a few strategically placed sequins. Finding a dress with a little glitter can keep you covered up while highlighting your curves. There are plenty of unique prom dresses that dazzle the eye with embellishments along the bust line or a dramatic open back. If you really want to define your figure, an all-over sequined prom dress will guarantee you shine in the spotlight.

Don’t agonize; accessorize.

So your dress can’t be “too sexy” – no one said anything about the rest of your look. Pump up the volume of your hair or slick it back to reveal a slender neck. Sport a smoky shadow to draw them in with your eyes, or make pouty lips pop in a bright shade of red or coral. Strappy heels and stilettos have major appeal, or play peekaboo with an open toe. Your makeup, shoes, and jewelry can let your inner vixen come out to play without giving school officials (or your dad) a heart attack.


No matter what kind of dress you choose or how strict your parents or school dress code may be, you can still show up at prom looking sexy. The secret is remembering what makes you unique—because the confidence you bring to whatever you’re wearing is alluring all on its own.


Style Matters
How understanding your body type can help you find the most flattering fit.
Long and flowy or short and flirty? Two-piece or traditional? Deciding on a style can be one of the trickiest parts of prom shopping. If you’re not sure what kind of dress is best, understanding how different features work with your body can be a good starting point to finding that perfect gown.
 short prom dress
If you want to look taller…..
When you’re small in stature, it can be easy for certain dresses to overwhelm you.

  • Look for a dress with long, straight lines and avoid anything that visually cuts you in half. An empire waist dress can help make legs look longer.
  • It sounds counterintuitive, but try a short dress! Pair it with heels that have a short toe vamp to transform little legs into glamorous gams.
  • If your heart is set on a ball gown, try one with a traditional top but a flowy skirt so you’re not swimming in fabric.
  • Go out of the box! A mixed media dress can give you the long lines of a gown while letting you show off your legs.

If you want to keep a large chest in check….
No need to minimize your size—but these tips can help make sure the girls stay in place for the party.

  • Don’t wear spaghetti straps. Just don’t. They offer no support and are a pain in the neck (and shoulders).
  • Check out some corset style dresses that have built-in structure and support. Look for a gown with a defined waist and boning in the bodice.
  • Silk illusion is your friend! Plus, it’s very on-trend. The sheer fabric can provide enough coverage to make your chest feel secure (or even hide a bra!) while still appearing to be barely-there.
  • Get a bra-friendly dress! There are plenty of styles that are fun and flirty but also cover enough of your back to wear a real bra. Stick-ons sound great, but gravity always wins.

If you want to give your bust a boost….
Having a small chest doesn’t mean your dress can’t make a big impression.

  • Look for styles that have sequins or beading at the bust. Shiny embellishments can make your chest appear larger.
  • Direct gazes north of your navel with stripes or patterns that appear to point to the girls.
  • Find yourself a sweetheart—neckline, that is. The heart shape of the bust line accentuates what’s beneath.
  • Take the plunge! When you want all eyes on you, nothing beats a super low neckline.

If you want to whittle your middle….
Not everyone’s an hourglass. Fortunately, the right shape can define your waist.

  • A-lines are always forgiving if your aim is to minimize your middle. Their classic silhouette and tummy-obscuring layers of tulle mean Chipotle isn’t out of the question for an after-party snack.
  • Go smooth with ruching. Lumps and bumps can virtually disappear under a few strategically placed wrinkles.
  • Emphasize your waist with an embellishment that cinches you in. And remember that adding a belt can work wonders for defining your curves.
  • Think big! Outrageous elements like peplum, color blocking, and patterns can be bold enough to camouflage a less than taut tummy.

With more than 10,000 styles in our online boutique, there’s a dress for everybody—and a dress for every body.

Time to get down to the nitty gritty, ladies; let’s talk about those boobs. While it may seem weird to ask for advice on what you should do with your breasts for prom, it’s a totally understandable (and, common) concern. After all, you want to look your very best on prom night – boobs included. So, let’s get right into it.

The very best piece of advice for prom night is to just ditch the bra altogether. Now, we know you may be feeling a bit skeptical about this, but trust us; braless is the way to go! First off, most prom dresses offer more than enough support for your girls – so you don’t have to worry about them going anywhere. And, second off – your neckline will just look so much more flattering without a tight restricting bra. Not to mention, you won’t have to go through all the hassle of finding the perfect bra for your dress.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss which necklines do the best job of showing off your cleavage. If you are looking to flaunt just a tiny bit of cleavage, aim for dresses featuring a sweetheart neckline. This is the neckline that kind of dips down into the bust forming half of a heart shape. It’s flattering for all busts, small and large – and yep, looks best without a bra. However, if you feel that you absolutely must wear a bra – look for something with padded cups and a shelf structure.

If your goal is to make your girls the star of the show, then your best bet is a gown with a v-neckline. This neckline can range anywhere from revealing just a bit of cleavage to dipping daringly low below the bust. Once again, the dress will most likely offer you all the support you need in the bust area, but if you really want to wear a bra there are choices. The best option for a v-neck gown is a silicone bra that supports the front of your cleavage with the help of adhesive cups (this is a great bra for backless dresses, as well) – but there are also strapped bras with plunging necklines that work just as great. Also, if your main concern isn’t really about bust support, but rather not having a bit of a nip-slip – there are adhesive silicone covers you can wear to ensure that you don’t experience any wardrobe malfunctions.

And, lastly – stop stressing out so much over your boobs! Whether you’re insecure and think that they’re too small or too big, they(and you, of course) are going to look great! Just relax, and remember that feeling beautiful is the #1 goal for prom night.

You may think that finding the perfect dress is the biggest mission you will have to overcome this prom season, but that’s not entirely true – making sure your dress fits perfect actually is. 

faviana dressBut, never fear – we have a few tips that will ensure your gown ends up fitting you like a glove!

First, you should know that your best bet when buying a dress is actually going up a size. Now, don’t freak out; that doesn’t mean your gown is going to be falling down while you’re on the dance floor – your seamstress is going to alter the gown ensuring that it hugs your body in all the right places. By opting for the larger size you allow the seamstress to adjust the dress perfectly, which will result in the fit of your dreams.

Once you go for your alterations, the seamstress will adjust the fabric on the dress and bring it in where needed. This is your chance to make sure that the fit of the gown will be to your liking. But, what exactly should you be looking for? For one, you want to be certain that when you are dancing with your date he won’t be able to see down your dress – have your mom or a friend be the judge. Another good test is to lean forward to make sure that there isn’t a cleavage spillage situation.

And, just remember – there’s tight, and then there’s too tight. Of course you want your dress to be form flattering, but not to the point that if you make one wrong move you rip a seam and ruin your whole night. You should be able to get your party on in your gown – so practice a few dance moves while you have the dress on. If you don’t have room to breathe and dance then we can promise you that you’re not going to have a good time.

Just keep this advice in mind when shopping for your dress and during the alteration process and you won’t have any worries! And, remember – this is the night to be your most-fabulous self, so make sure you feel like it!

It’s Prom Time! Which means you have probably been daydreaming about this night only for the entire school year! With so much to look forward to, what are you most excited for this Prom 2016? What are your #PromGoals? Chances are, you probably already have a list of prom goals you would like to accomplish – but keep reading to hear about what is giving Golden Asp major #PromGoals envy!

  • Dream Dress. You have imagined it, and you probably even have sketched it – and #promgoals ow, it’s all you can think about!It’stime to wake up from that dream and make that gown a reality!
  • Prom Dress Shopping. You know what you are looking for, and you probably have already done some serious research – it’s time to get out there and find that dress! Shopping for your gown will honestly be one of the most fun experiences you can anticipate from prom!
  • Perfect Fit.  You don’t just want to own your dream dress; you want to rock your dream dress! The foolproof way to look slammin’ in your prom gown is to make sure you have the perfect fit – and that’s where your seamstress comes in.
  • Dream Date. While by no means do you have to bring a date to have a fabulous time at prom, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of what prom would be like with that awesome person you can’t stop thinking about! Take the leap and just ask them already!
  • Skin + Makeup + Hair. Whether you are having a professional do the work, or you are tackling it all on your own – every girl fantasizes about looking spectacular from head to toe at prom! Go all out and make sure you feel confident!
  • Dream Ride. If you have been fantasizing about rolling up to prom in a stretch limo or a party bus, get a huge group of friends together and plan it. Not only will you be saving money by splitting the cost, but the more people in the ride means the more fun it will be!
  • After-Prom Plans. This is the night of a lifetime, so why not keep it going after prom has ended? Go out afterwards, or throw a slumber party with a bunch of your friends! Just make sure to run it by mom or dad first. 

There you have it – a top list of everything that Golden Asp considers #PromGoals worthy for social media. So, now that you have read about ours; what are your #PromGoals? Whatever they are, just make sure you have a blast!

Best Dresses for Dancing

March 12th, 2016

It's safe to say that a lot of dancing occurs at the end of high school, as there are a number of celebrations that happen at th

e end of the year. From prom to graduation, you want to look and feel your best, and more importantly, be able to dance.

Many girls don't ever consider dance-ability as a factor when they're shopping for a dress. We're here to tell you that it should be one of the major considerations when you're searching for the perfect look!

From the night of prom to graduation parties galore, the end of the school year presents plenty of dancing opportunities. You'll want to look your best on the dance floor, whether it's the patio in your friends backyard or the ballroom floor of a catering hall. It's important that your dress keep you comfortable and confident. Look for the following characteristics to look fabulous on and off the dance floor:

  • Short in length. When it comes to dance-ability, short prom dresses work best. Cocktail dresses with flowing skirts made of tulle or chiffon give you the perfect amount of glamour without running the risk of your dress being trampled on.
  • Sturdy straps. While sweetheart gowns are gorgeous, there's not much support in the bust area. If you're planning on being on the dance floor, strong straps are a must-have. They help keep your dress in place and will keep you confident throughout the event. Halter and one-shoulder dresses provide coverage and support, perfect for dancing.
  • Glamorous accents. Of course, your dress should sparkle and shine while you're on the dance floor. Whether you choose a dress with a heavily beaded top or a dress with shimmering tulle in the skirt, find a dress that has the perfect amount of sparkle for your personal style. You'll look great twirling throughout the night and in all of the pictures taken.

The end of high school offers many once-in-a-lifetime moments. No matter what style you choose, feeling confident is the most important thing to look for in a dress made for dancing. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for the perfect prom or graduation dresses

Prom is such an exciting time in a high schooler’s life, but some tend to be a little on the anxious side waiting for the date of their dreams to ask them to prom. And, if you haven’t heard of the latest “promposal” trend – it’s exactly what it sounds like. A guy or girl plans an elaborate, usually over-the-top proposal, to ask their date to prom. While most ideas are usually cute or funny, not every “promposal” is fail-proof. Here are five ways not to ask someone to prom:

1. Don’t be “punny” about it. Do not fill her locker with ten bags of baking flour, accompanied with a note asking if she liked the “flours” enough to attend prom with you. Those bags always end up breaking, resulting in a mess – but on the other hand, at least you guys will be set if you ever plan on, I don’t know – baking a hundred pies together?

 2. Posting the question all over his car. Do not go out and buy fifty packs of various colored Post-It notes and stick them all over his car, spelling out the question “prom?” Sure, you may feel like a modern-day Picasso, but he’s the one stuck removing all of the stickies from his vehicle for the remainder of the day.

 3. Asking her in the form of sunburn. Do not lay on the beach with big cardboard letters spelled P-R-O-M-? on your back, then rely on your freshly lobster-red skin to do the asking for you. She’ll think you’re crazy, and you’re stuck with a potential case of sun poisoning.

 4. Having him fake arrested. Do not talk a police officer into pulling your date over, fake arresting him and throwing him into the back of the cop car – meanwhile, surprising him in the seat with a “will you go to prom with me?” sign. You shouldn’t have to use law enforcement to get your guy to say yes.

5. Forging a college rejection letter. Do not type up a letter from her #1 choice college stating that she will not be able to attend in the fall, and then wait to mention in the final paragraph that if she goes to prom to you the school may reconsider their decision. Messing with somebody’s future isn’t exactly the cutest thing in the world.

Prom – it’s supposed to be one of the best nights of your entire life; but for some, it can also be one of the most stressful. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and not as excited as you expected to be, you’re not alone. Here is a list of the top six things everyone is afraid to admit about prom, and how to deal with your concerns:

6. Not being able to dance. There’s no denying it—some people just have natural rhythm, while the rest of us aren’t so lucky. The good news is, this isn’t a dance recital – it’s your prom. You’re not expected to move like you’re one of Beyoncé’s backup dancers – and everybody will be too busy having the time of their lives to notice if you have two left feet on the dance floor. Just let loose, and pretend nobody is watching you!

5. Not being photogenic. You may be worried about being in the spotlight for most of the night – whether it be professional photos, or just selfies with some of your closest friends. Yes, pictures do play a big role at prom– but that doesn’t mean you have to look airbrush perfect. If you’re focusing on looking flawless while the flash is going off, you can be sure that the camera will show it. The key to taking a fabulous prom photo is to just relax and have a fun time with it!

4. Not having a big budget. The dress, transportation, flowers – it may seem like everything prom-related comes with a big price tag. However, by no means do you need to have a lot of money in order to have a good time. No matter how high or low your budget, there is always a way to have the prom of your dreams. Shop around for your necessities to make sure you’re getting the best deal – and the earlier you start looking the more you will save. Still worried? Try finding a part-time job for the weekends to save up even more for the big night. 

3. Not knowing what to expect afterwards. Although your actual prom will only last about a few hours, by the time it is over it will be pretty late in the night. What will you do afterwards? Go to an after-party; get out of town with your friends? You will probably have a number of options by the end of the night, and understandingly may be overwhelmed. Just remember that you don’t have to do what everybody else is doing – and you don’t even have to go out afterwards at all if you’re not up for it. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your decision, and that you’re respecting your parents’ wishes. After all, the most memorable part of the night is prom, anyway!

2. Not having a date. Sure, not finding that special someone to pose with in photos and slow dance with on your big night may seem like the end of the world – but that’s definitely not the case. Honestly, even if you do bring a date there’s no guarantee that the two of you will be glued to the hip for the entire night, anyway. There’s no written rule stating that you must have a prom date in order to have a great time – how the night plays out is totally up to you! Just remember to be confident and have an optimistic outlook—and nobody will even notice that you arrived solo.

1. Not having the “picture-perfect” prom experience. When you imagine your prom day, stretch limousines and dancing the night away might be the first things that come to mind. Although this might be the case for some, sometimes prom might not be exactly what you fantasized it to be. Party busses are expensive and high heels are a pain – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the prom of your dreams! Make the most of your night, and remember that nobody’s prom experiences are exactly the same. As long as you’re enjoying yourself with your friends by your side, prom will definitely be a night that you will never forget!


7 Rules for the Best Prom Ever

January 25th, 2016

Can’t wait for prom? We don’t blame you! However, we know that you’re probably wondering if there are any guidelines or proper etiquette to follow, so we compiled a list of 7 rules to keep in mind for prom:

1. If a friend or family member is buying you your prom dress, always make sure to take into consideration their thoughts or Alyce Prom Dressopinions when shopping for the gown. Even though it is your big night, it is important to be respectful of mom’s feelings if she is kind enough to make that gesture.

2. Make sure to check with your parents or guardians before making post-prom plans with your friends. You’re bound to receive a ton of invites to after-parties or getaways by the time the big night rolls around, so make sure to get mom and dad’s approval before setting anything in stone.

3. Try not to slack off on schoolwork before prom. We know that prom is an exciting event, and it’s almost impossible to not feel eager to get everything considered “boring” done and over with (like studying, for example) – but prom isn’t an excuse to be careless when it comes to grades.

4. Don’t even think about sneaking some underage drinking in before or during prom. Not only is it illegal, but also it’s definitely not a classy look for such a formal event. Although it may seem like a fun, harmless idea at the time, we can guarantee it won’t be worth the embarrassment you’ll experience later on in the evening. 

5. Keep your friends’ feelings in mind when choosing a dance partner. Even if your bff didn’t officially come as girlfriend and boyfriend with her date to prom, be considerate if she does have a crush on her date – or just any guys at prom that she is interested in, for that matter. There will be plenty of other people to dance with, and it’s just not worth risking your friendship over.

6. Be kind and friendly to your prom date (if you do decide to bring someone). Whether it be a crush, friend or even a friend’s brother – keep in mind that this is supposed to be a fun night for them, as well – not just you. If they’re from another school or not acquainted with your friends, they’re probably nervous and may feel like an outsider – try to make them feel as comfortable as you possibly can.

7. Remember that you are never obligated to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. Although this is more of just a general life rule than a prom one, it is important to keep in mind that whatever decisions you make are completely up to you. Whether it be during prom or after prom, make sure that you’re confident with whatever choices you end up making.



4 Things That Will Drive You Crazy Shopping For A Prom Dress – And How To Survive

Shopping for the dress – for most girls, it’s the most exciting thing about prom! However, finding the perfect dress can be stressful even for those of us who believe shopping is in our DNA. Here’s the four things that will drive you crazy shopping for a prom dress – and how to survive:

1. Picking something unique. It’s not uncommon to be afraid of somebody else wearing the same exact dress as you at prom – which is understandable. It’s your one night to shine and stand out from the crowd! Although there is never a guarantee that you will be the only girl at your school wearing a particular dress, there are ways that this can be avoided. Try shopping early, this way you won’t be left with a limited selection as prom quickly approaches. Also, make sure you review as much inspiration as you possibly can – whether it be online catalogs, fashion magazines, etc. – this will help you think outside the box, increasing your chances of envisioning a dress that nobody else has even thought of!

2. Keeping it school appropriate. It is important to keep your school’s dress code policy in mind. Just because you’re not wearing the dress to class doesn’t mean that all rules go out the window. Find out what the policy is at your school – while some high schools might allow a high slit on the thigh, others may have more conservative guidelines. Also make sure to take your parents’ thoughts and concerns into consideration, and ask them what they would be comfortable or uncomfortable with you wearing.

 3. Finding the right fit for your body shape. It may seem like there are so many rules you need to follow in order to find the perfect dress – although there are styles that are more flattering on certain body types than others, what matters most is that you choose a dress that you absolutely love. Which ever style dress you do decide on, just make sure that you feel comfortable in it – after all, you're going to be the one wearing it all night.

4. Staying under budget. If you're like most girls anxiously awaiting prom, you'll probably have to be paying attention to price tags when shopping. Make sure to establish a budget – set by either your parents, or yourself if you're the one footing the bill. Although it may seem difficult finding the dress of your dreams without spending an arm and a leg, you will be surprised by how many options you will find no matter how high or low your budget may be. Just because a dress comes at a hefty price doesn't always make it better than less expensive ones! Keep an open mind when shopping and remember to have fun.

Set Descending Direction

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