Well that’s easy - what’s not to love! Not only does Mignon design fresh and glamorous prom dresses every year, but they somehow manage to offer these beautiful creations at affordable prices. This is not to say that they are by any means inexpensive, but in a world gone mad with prom dress prices, Mignon dresses are within most prom shoppers’ reach. From Mignon’s most simple and classic silhouette, to their timeless and sophisticated ball gown, Mignon is one of the hottest prom dress collections for 2015.

The trend for Prom 2015 is loud and clear: simple, clean designs that showcase sophistication and timeless elegance. Mignon’s prom dress collection focuses on subtle design elements as opposed to lots of sparkle to create their designs. For this reason, Mignon has become a source for trending fabrics, bead work, and colors. Many of their designs feature minimal rhinestones or sequins, interesting color blocking, and creative placement of lace and glass beading.

Mignon’s prom dress collection includes all of the color palettes, but in muted hues as opposed to jewel tones or neon. There is also a lot of black (tres chic!), navy, and ivory used in their Prom 2015 designs. These colors are not only used in their stretch jersey prom dresses, but also in their chiffon and lacy frocks. Mignon’s color blocking is a definite stand-out, as this use of color is rarely seen in the prom world. It nice to see something a bit edgy but still sophisticated, something few designers can achieve.

So prom shoppers, if you are looking for something different (but not outrageous), feminine (but not too girly), simple (but still stylish), check out Mignon prom dresses – without a doubt, my favorite prom dress collection for 2015!