Lace is everywhere! We see it on jeans, t-shirts, dresses, and of course, wedding gowns. It is even being sewn on to boots, barrettes, and just about every other article of wearable art imaginable. Lace has been prominent in fashion since the 15th century, worn by British royalty. Today, lace has returned to runways everywhere in women’s formal wear.

When I think of lace, my thoughts immediately go to the legendary Jessica McClintock and her lovely lace Gunne Sax tops, skirts, dresses, and bridal collections. Throughout the formal and prom world, a major change is occurring. Country and vintage lace designs are less common, and instead we’re seeing more elegant and avant-garde silhouettes being used.

Some of my favorite lace prom gown creations are from the ever-changing and awe-inspiring designs from La Femme and Mignon. Many of La Femme’s gowns are lace from neckline to hemline, with lace fabrics ranging from the extremely delicate Alençon lace to the almost geographical, cut-out, modern laces on classic mermaid and column styles.

Mignon isn’t afraid to take design to a new level, cleverly using minimal lace in the most unexpected places. For example, this stunning Mignon Lace Long Sleeve Dress in black and nude boasts a zigzag cutout across the bust, full-length sleeves, and a stunningly frilled mermaid bottom. The entire dress is covered in a rich black lace and also features an interesting scalloped collar.

Although I miss wearing my lace Gunne Sax blouses with tight jeans and cowboy boots, seeing so much beautiful lace in so many unique places definitely softens the edge.