Doylestown Prom Dress Store | Golden Asp"Dress, check. Hair consultation to achieve Taylor Swift inspired locks, check. Earrings, bracelet and matching clutch, check. Shoes...about that. What will I do about shoes?"

A large percentage of our customers wait until the very last minute to make a Prom shoe purchase because their date is shorter than or the same height as them without shoes on. Please do not stress! Here are some helpful hints make you look and feel your best on your big day:

1 - A man's dress shoe usually has an inch if not more of a heel.
2 - If you are comfortable giving some helpful instructions, tell your date to wear padded inserts to boost his height.
3 - Do not wear kitten heels. Shoes with a shorter heel might make you the same height as your date however will make you appear heavier. Instead opt for a heel that you are comfortable in regardless of your date's height. People will pay attention to your confidence that evening rather than examining who is taller.
4 - Take pictures together from the waist up, you can slip off your shoes right before the photo
5 - Ignore all of the above and have a great time! Prom is a once in a lifetime occasion where you want to look and feel your best.

We hope this helps!