What to do when your Prom Plans go Bad

Sometimes, your prom plans may not work out as perfectly as you imagined. Don’t let a little turbulence crash your whole prom night. Be prepared for a few bumps in the road.

  • You’re running late. If you are running a little behind schedule, whether your makeup took longer than expected or the nail salon was off schedule, do not stress. You will make it sooner if you calm down and keep your head on straight.
  • Your date bails. You get a call or text from your date saying something came up and he can’t make it. For a moment, you have a complete panic attack. Again, try and relax. Get the word out. Someone else may be in the same situation, in which case you can go together. If worse comes to worst, just go with your friends. Not everyone takes a date to prom and if your date wants to bail at the last second, that is his loss.
  • Your ride is a no show. If you reserved for a limo or party bus and it doesn’t show up when it is scheduled to, first call the company and see what happened. If they say they messed up and booked too many trips, go to your backup plan. Have you and your friends carpool with each other or a few parents. It may not be the way you intended on getting to prom, but in the end, you will still make it to the big dance.