When it comes to designer clothing, you expect the best. Unfortunately, there are many well-made knock-off products out there, and it can be hard to tell whether or not you’re getting your money’s worth. Next time you’re out shopping for designer items, follow these tips to help determine whether the item is authentic or fake.

Read the Label – More often than not, the labels on knock-off products are spelled incorrectly. Designer products always have labels, and they are always spelled correctly.

Research the Price – Know an approximate price before you shop by doing some research online. In the store, check out the price tag to make sure the price is in the same range as what you found in your research. If the price of the garment is significantly lower, it is most likely not an authentic designer product.

Examine the Fabric & Tags – High end designer clothing tends to feel like it should be expensive. Check the garments inner tags for information about the fabrics used, as well as where the garment was made. Typically, designer products are made in the United States or European countries. If the tag reads something else, like “Made in China,” you are probably holding a counterfeit garment.

Take Note of Stitching – Knock-off products usually have low-quality stitching. Check the seams of the garment, as well as the hemming (if applicable) to see if the stitches are clean. If not, the garment is most likely a fake.

Heed Unusual Comments – Some counterfeit garments carry tags that boast “100% Authentic.” This is most definitely not the case. Designers do not tend to boast about their products by using flashy tags. Instead, check for a label of authenticity. Often, designers will stitch a serial number into each of their garments to confirm their authenticity.

Consider all of these factors when shopping for designer products to avoid purchasing a fake. Knowing what to look for when it comes to designer clothing can make all the difference!