Creative and Cute Promposal Ideas

Back in the day, most girls agonizingly waited for a guy to ask them to Prom, but not anymore. Whether you go to an all-girls school or you just want to make sure the guy of your dreams doesn’t get snatched up, we’ve got the best ideas on how to ask your guy to prom:

The Dude’s Dude: We’ve all heard the saying before… What’s the best way to a man’s heart? Through his stomach! In most cases that’s completely accurate. So bake him cookies and write a note or design cupcakes with the icing saying “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” If your guy isn’t partial to sweets, a prom pizza is another idea. Buy a bag of pepperoni and order a pizza. Write the word “Prom?” in pepperoni on top. He’ll be so surprised he may even take a breath to answer before he devours it.

The Into-His-Car Guy: So your guy loves his Camaro, his Jeep, or even his rickety fixer upper… what better way to grab his attention than by decorating it with streamers, balloons and (washable) car paint? He’ll walk out of school ready to race home and be stopped short by his newly pimped out ride. The stunned look on his face will be priceless and he’ll have no choice but to say yes. Odds are he’ll love it so much he’ll drive around with the decorations for a few days after, too. LOL.

The Sporty Guy: We’ve got an idea for the all-around jock in your life. Spirit bags for him on the day of a big game can get him super amped and ready to dominate. Make a bag filled with his favorite pre-game treats (Gatorade, power-bars, maybe candy or bake something for him to enjoy after the game) and decorate the outside with his number and a big “Will you go to prom with me?” to make your intentions clear. Even if he isn’t in season, spirit bags are fun and show your support. Maybe he loves rocking his football number or is constantly sporting his favorite basketball player’s jersey. Make him feel like a star on and off the field and you just might hit a homerun!

The Football Guy: Step 1: Buy balloons. Step 2: Buy his favorite candy bar and tie the balloons to it. Step 3: If you can acquire his football jersey or his favorite player’s jersey, put it on. Step 4: Make a sign that says “Go his name or his number! You’re Awesome!”And on the other side write “Will You Go to Prom With Me?” Step 5: Shoot him a text to meet you at the stadium at a certain time. Step 6: Head to the end-zone to score a prom-sized touchdown. He’ll love that you’re taking an interest in what he loves and will love seeing you in his jersey. You may even want to bring a football so you can throw around after you get your “yes.”

There are plenty of variations of these ideas for you to go with that will yield the same results – a very impressed guy and an awesome prom with the person you really wanted to go with. There’s no need to wait around, ladies. Go get your man!