Prom season has arrived! You dreamed about it for what seems an eternity, and with good reason. It’s the one day you’ll get celebrity treatment and look like a movie star while having the time of your life.

Knowing that, there’s high pressure to look fantastic.So many do’s and don’ts to keep in mind…ugh! Well, do keep the dream alive by making the right choices. You don’t want to make mistakes for this memorable event- there will be cameras, video,file sharing- wow! Your image will be etched forever in memory and media.

So, do the right thing. Don’t ruin your carefully thought out choices with the wrong hairstyle. It is your crowning glory after all!

Follow these Ten DO’s to be ahead of style at your prom:

  • DO keep your look as natural as possible. That’s the fashion forecast for prom hair 2012. Keep it polished, but not too perfect. Stiff, high hair with tons of hairspray is out.In other words, enhance the real beauty you already possess. Trust me; you’ll spare yourself the horror of looking back at prom photos and crazy hairstyles. You’re already a do.
  • DO a messy updo. Perfect for a natural yet alluring look. Works best with wavy hair, as loose tendrils are left out at the side and back. You can really make this special with glam accessories like diamonds, pearls or butterfly ornaments here and there. Just be careful not to overdo it.
  • DO the twist. Yes, I mean hair, but this style will keep its shape as you twist and shout on the dance floor, too. Take long hair into two pigtails and twist them from temples to nape of neck until they coil up in back. Use bobby pins to secure and jazz it up with great earrings or pretty hairpins.
  • DO half-up/half-down hair.Guys seem to like this look and find it sexy. It’s also good if you like to leave your hair down but still want an enchanting vibe. So easy to do! Just take hair from the crown area, add volume, and gather it into a sparkly barrette and poof (or pouf!) - Instant princess.
  • DO be a classic beauty. That timeless stunner, the classic chignon, is always a winner in the ballroom. Known also as a ballerina bun, it’s best left to professional stylists. They have the expertise to keep strands in place and pick the look to enhance your dress.
  • DO try a trendy side ponytail or bun. Already a favorite by many, especially young celebrities. Take that side pony up a notch in glamour with wavy curls or smooth shine. You can also fold it up into a loose side bun. A bit different for those who like to stand out from the crowd.
  • DO be a goddess with a Roman ponytail.Top off a Grecian-style gown with a sultry Roman ponytail. Take your side ponytail, and tie a metallic piece of cord at the base; then crisscross the two pieces down the length until the end. Wrap the extra cord a few times neatly at the end and cut off excess. Cleopatra would be proud.
  • DO soft waves.Look pretty and be comfortable with dreamy waves. Simply wrap sections of hair up to ear level in a spiral shape around your curling iron, hold for 10 seconds and voila! You’re now a supermodel!
  • DO go short and sassy. Gone are the days ofprom hair being all about long hair designs. Short hair can be very stylish and creative(read this post for more on short hair trends 2012). The famous short trend in 2012 is the pixie cut-make it great by choosing standout color. Add some twists, curls or a clip to wow the crowd.
  • DO wrap in some braids. Braids are the latest style sensation because they are so versatile. Try them as a headband wrap, side braid, romantic twist, crown, and more! Add ribbons and rhinestones for more visual interest. Contact a professional stylist for most complex braids.

For a great place to get that wow-them hairstyle, go to your nearest Empire Beauty School. Their highly-trained student stylists have just been at prom themselves and know the latest and greatest trends. Ask for the Special Occasion Updo- only $20 for any formal hairstyle!You’ll be glad you did.

Happy prom night everyone, and do make it memorable!