How are you getting to Prom?

You have so many options when it comes to deciding on how to get to prom. Whether you want to share this with a big group of people or just a few close friends, these transportation options will ensure your prom night is perfect for you and your budget:

Take your own car. If you have your own car, save money by driving yourself and another couple to the big event. Make a play list with your favorite songs and listen to it on the drive over.

Take a limo. There aren’t many occasions where you will get to ride in a limo. Prom is one time where it is perfectly acceptable to show up and make a scene. About 12 people can fit in a stretch limo at a time. Be sure to reserve the ride early because reservations fill up quickly during prom season.

Take a party bus. Party buses are similar to limos, but they are much bigger. These buses can sit 20 or more people. The seats wrap around the bus with tables in the middle. Some have disco balls, flashing lights, or big televisions. A party bus is a way to start the prom party before you even arrive!

Rent a nice car and have an adult drive you. Most car rental agencies have restrictions on how old you must be in order to rent a car. Some will let you rent a car if you are 18, but you may be charged a younger driver surcharge. If you are interested in renting a specialty vehicle, the companies may require you to be 25 years old. If you have an adult that will rent the car and drive you to prom, this would be a way to make your arrival one to remember!