Packing for Prom

Flowers - ordered.
Limo - booked.
Dress alterations - complete.

There’s a lot to remember when planning for your prom night. Here are a few more things that you may not consider top priority, but will drastically impact your prom night:

Double Sided Tape. Dancing may cause your prom dress to shift. To protect against wardrobe malfunctions, put double sided tape on the neckline of your dress. Bring it with you to prom just in case!

Spanx/Body Shaper. Whether or not you have a strict pre-prom workout regime, Spanx or other body shaping products will help streamline your look. Spanx and body shapers will help keep your confidence up no matter how many cookies you indulge in after the main course. Spanx are On Sale in our Retail Store in Bensalem , PA.

Floss and Mints. You’ll be taking pictures all night long at prom, so don’t be afraid to floss after dinner. Also, pop a mint before the first slow dance so you’re not uncomfortable getting close with your date.

Band Aids. Anytime you wear a new pair of shoes, the chance of getting a huge, painful blister is extremely high. You don’t want your prom night ruined because of an aching blister. Pack band aids to protect your feet.

Heel Cushions. Walking in heels is not an easy task. Even if you break in your shoes before the big night, your feet may get sore after a while. Heel cushions will give you an extra layer of comfort so you can keep those stilettos on all night long.

Flip-flops/Flats. Although you probably begged your mom for those hundred dollar heels that you just HAD to have, you may not be comfortable in them all night. Don’t let your shoes ruin your night. Just don’t forget to grab your heels from underneath the table at the end of the night!