Some proms include a dinner at the dance. If your prom does not serve a meal, there are other ways to curb your appetite and energize for a night of dancing.

  • Fill up before prom by getting fast food and eating it with fancy plates and utensils. Gather all your friends and order from a fast food place, then eat it in an elegant way. Drink your sodas from wine glasses and protect your lap with cloth napkins. Prom is already expensive, so eating fast food can help you save a little bit of money.
  • Go out to a nice dinner all dressed up for prom. Whether you’re with just your date or with a group of your friends, it’s an experience you’ll remember forever. Make reservations so that you don’t run late for the dance, and check with your local restaurants and see if they offer special prom pricing on your prom night.
  • Eat a home-cooked meal with your date and friends for a more laid back pre-prom meal. Ask everyone to bring a different plate. Decorate the table with fancy place settings and a tablecloth, and set the room with soft lighting and flowers. It will feel like you brought a five-star restaurant into the comfort of your home.

No matter what you choose to do, spending this quality time with your close friends is the best part of prom!