Prom Diet Tips - Healthy Snacks

With Prom rapidly approaching, you want to make sure your dress will fit after the final alteration. Here are some quick, healthy snacks to try in order to make sure your dress will look perfect.

  • Whole grain bread and almond butter. You will stay fuller longer by choosing almond butter because of its proteins and healthy fats. The whole grain bread will give you a boost of energy.
  • Yogurt. Yogurt is loaded with calcium which is perfect for growing teenage girls. Get a low-fat kind and add fruit, granola, or nuts for a little something extra.
  • Hummus and vegetables. Eating hummus is extremely healthy. It is made from chickpeas which are a great source of calcium and protein. Pair it with veggies to make this snack even healthier.
  • Trail Mix. Make some trail mix yourself! Take ¼ cups of dried fruit and nuts and ½ cup of whole grain cereal. It is healthier than store bought bags that contain lots of sugar and salt.
  • Cereal. Choose cereal with made of whole grain and fiber. Splash some skim or one percent milk on it and enjoy!