Prom Memories

Prom night is all about making memories. Here are some fun ways to preserve your prom memories forever:

  • Take pictures.The more pictures you take, the more memories you make. Going through them the next day will allow you and your friends to reminisce about how great your night was.
  • Quotes/Funnies. Write down funny things you and your friends say throughout the night. If something makes you laugh until you cry, write it down. Save a note in your phone or write on a napkin. It will be something fun to look back on eventually.
  • Make a scrapbook. After prom, you and your friends can get together and make scrapbooks. Incorporate pictures, quotes that you jotted down, and dried flowers from your corsage or bouquet. Arts and crafts stores have all the supplies for you to make a cute scrapbook to have forever.
  • Take videos. While dancing or walking around prom, take a video of what you see. You may forget about some of the details, so by having a video you can remember all of it.