How to Choose the Perfect Prom Date

If you already have a boyfriend, odds are you know who you’re taking to prom. For single ladies, though, the choice is not so easy. Here are some things to consider when choosing your prom date:

Communication. A lot of planning goes into prom. From flowers and pictures to limo rides and post-prom plans, you need to be able to make arrangements with your date in a quick and easy way. Someone who doesn’t answer calls or texts and isn’t open to your ideas isn’t going to be and ideal choice for prom.

Socializing. Prom night is about having fun with your friends. You shouldn’t have to babysit your date. Make sure you choose someone who makes friends easily and will be comfortable carrying his own conversations while you’re chatting with your friends.

Dancing. If you plan to bust a move on the dance floor, you need a date who will be right there with you. A wallflower is not the date for you.

Memories. From the pictures that will be taken to the memories that will be made, prom is an event you will remember forever. Your date will be a part of those memories. Choose someone who you can remember with a smile and without an eye roll.