Prom Dresses in Cinnaminson | Golden AspBuying a prom gown can sometimes be frustrating for many reasons. Shopping in the right frame of mind and having some knowledge of the process can help.

  • Do some research. Before shopping for a prom gown, do some homework online and have an idea of what styles and colors are trending. Doing this will prepare you for what you will be seeing at the prom stores and also subconsciously nudge you to start thinking about what styles appeal to your taste.
  • Know your size. This can be challenging since there is not one standardized size chart for all designers. You might be a size 4 in La Femme prom gowns, but a size 2 in Faviana prom gowns. Most everyday clothes are cut in "missy" sizing, not "junior sizing" - this means they have a larger, more generous fit. A majority of prom manufacturers make prom gowns with a junior fit, a.k.a. a slimmer cut. To estimate your dress size, start by adding 1 to 2 sizes to your pant size. You won't know your true size until you start trying things on. Don't forget! Dress size and jean size are not the same, so don’t be alarmed if you are a size 6 in jeans and a size 10 in prom gowns.
  • Ask for help! It is best to have some professional input when trying on prom gowns. Your closest ally when shopping for a prom gown is a knowledgeable sales consultant. A salesperson can guide you through the trying-on process and help find the best fit possible, as well as suggest colors and styles you might not have considered. By keeping an open mind when trying on prom gowns and being open to suggestions from you sales consultant, you're sure to find a dress you love!

Best of luck on your quest for your perfect prom gown and happy shopping!