Great proms need great themes. If you have a creative idea and think it would make the perfect theme, find out who is in charge of the prom. It might be your school’s student council or a special prom committee. Attend the prom-related meetings and make your ideas heard. If your school doesn’t have a theme yet, here are some ideas to make prom an unforgettable experience:

  • Mardi Gras. Celebrate a Mardi Gras theme with explosions of green, purple, and yellow. Decorate with balloons and streamers over the dance floor, and make beads and masks available to all attendees to really bring the theme together.
  • Under the Sea. Create an underwater effect by hanging different shades of blues from the ceiling and walls. Gossamer decorating fabric looks like waves as it falls to the floor. There are also stand-up and inflatable ocean animals that guests can pose with for fun pictures.
  • Casino. Customized decks of cards and picture frame dice are great prom favors for a casino prom theme. Big arches at the entrance decorated with chips, cards, and lights like Las Vegas will set the perfect background for pictures.
  • Fire and Ice. Silver and red metallic curtains hanging from the ceiling and candles in a bowls of silver/clear deco beads bring a fire and ice theme to life. Centerpieces made of dry ice and red sequins will look amazing. Scatter Fairy Berries, small balls that light up like stars, around the room to give off a twinkling effect. You can find them at any party store.
  • Arabian Nights. Gold genie lamps filled with fake gems and jewels make centerpieces that can double as prom favors. Flying carpets, genies, and tissue lanterns are decorations that will make your prom nothing less than perfect.