When it comes to prom, the focus is always on the dress. Finding the perfect dress is one of the most exciting parts about preparing for the big night because there are so many options and so many ways to express your unique style. But once you’ve found the right dress, what comes next? The shoes! You don’t want to be digging out those old one inch heels from middle school at the last second, so thinking about the right prom shoe is a must! Use this guide to find the perfect pair of shoes for your prom.

High Heels vs. Flats?

High heels or flats— the debate that sneaks up on us every time there is a formal event. Some prefer to rock the sky-high heel while others prefer to stay lower to the ground. At the end of the day it really depends on what you’re most comfortable with.

Heels are a great option if you’re on the shorter side and want a chance to stand out. They also are helpful in preventing your gown from trailing on the floor. Above all, heels are elegant and come in so many different styles, they're almost like little works of art.

Flats are a great choice for those who are taller or for anyone who is more prone to dancing! Like heels, there are so many different options that are equally as stunning.

It’s best to consider the pros and cons of each shoe type in order to make the best decision. You may be wondering why it’s a big deal in the first place, but the right shoe will ensure that you’re comfortable all night. After all, the worst feeling is having your feet blister and ache an hour into the prom. Before you decide on heels or flats:

  • Consider how tall you want your heel based on what you’re used to. The higher the heel, the more uncomfortable it may be.
  • Take into consideration the fact that you may end up being taller than your date. This is not a big deal, but some people get a little uncomfortable with the idea.
  • Just like heels, the wrong pair of flats can cause blisters and be uncomfortable when walking around or dancing.

Ultimately to find the shoe that's right for you, your best bet is trying on different styles and making your decision based on what feels right to you. Once you've found the right shoe, wear them around the house a few times prior to prom night to help break them in a little bit.

Bold or Simple?

Just as your dress will be unique, you also have the option to reflect your personal style with your shoes. You can go bold with bright colors and patterns that may not necessarily match your dress (if your gown is floor length, there’s no worries there), or you can go for an interesting look with high laced gladiator sandals. If going bold is not your cup of tea, you can always choose to ditch the bling, color, and crazy designs and go with a simple nude or black heel or a dainty silver sandal. With a wide variety of shoe options, you definitely won’t have trouble finding the perfect pair for prom!

 What to do when the shoes come off?

After all the searching for the perfect shoe, even the most resilient shoe lover is bound to take her shoes off at some point during the night. When the shoes come off you’ll definitely want to be prepared.

  • Throwing some socks into your clutch is a great idea and you’ll definitely thank yourself later. When the shoes come off and the socks go on, you’re going to want to be more mindful of where you’re walking as you don’t want to end up with your foot soaked in spilled drinks (wet socks are not pleasant)!  
  • Some girls brave the evening with bare feet (not recommended as it’s probably not the most sanitary thing), but it’s best to do whatever you’re comfortable with. If you’re taking a trip to the ladies room, the best thing to do is to put your shoes back on for obvious reasons. Other than that, there’s no shame in letting your feet be free or a while.

Remember that the perfect shoe can make all the difference for your prom night and that you don’t want to wait till the last minute to find the right pair. Use this guide to get you started on finding the perfect pair of prom shoes!