Safe Alternatives to a Tanning Bed

Tanning is a part of the pre-prom ritual for many girls. For those girls who live in the northern part of the country, tanning in a bed at a salon is the go-to option. But it is also very dangerous. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and affects over two million people every year, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Here are some safer ways to get a great glow before prom:

  • Lotions: There are different kinds of lotions that are available at many drug stores. You apply it every day and it will give you the effect of a gorgeous tan without the dangerous UV rays.
  • Spray Tan: This kind of tan is sunless but will give you an all-over, even glow. You enter a booth and a machine sprays the tan on you. It has to dry and then you are all set! It lasts just about a week, so make an appointment a few days before prom.